I have never used a e-portfolio, nor have I ever heard of it prior to attending the University of Laverne for my educational studies major. So when I heard in my classes that I needed to create one it was kind of scary and intimidating that I have never heard of this digication/ e-portfolio site and I had to use it. Going over this in class really set my mind at ease and I learned that it is not scary at all and it is actually fairly easy to use and embed videos and information on there.

slide_31  An e-portfolio can be beneficial because it can serve as a resume and show who you are as an individual and as a teacher.It can elaborate on who you are as an individual. Talk about your education and the knowledge you know you can apply to an industry; include your work experiences and the skills you’ve learned in them; highlight the research or laboratory work you’ve participated in, the computer skills you’ve developed which is useful because we are taking a tech course right now.

I looked around online about benefits to having an e-portfolio and I came across another word press blog that i attached below that i found very interesting and helpful.


The cool thing about the internet is that if you ever have any questions about anything it makes it very easy to access help. All you have to do is ask google and any problems you have can be fixed by step by step online help